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~ Mark Delaney

On December 13, 2015 I was involved in an accident while driving my motorcycle. An MBTA bus took a left hand turn cutting me off. Unfortunately I was unable to stop or get around the bus and slammed into the side of the bus. As I lay in the middle of Dorchester Avenue I watched the bus just drive away. Meantime I am looking down at my right foot up around my right hip toes pointing towards me – pretty horrific site to see. Fortunately for me there was a vehicle behind me and a vehicle behind the bus that witnessed the whole thing. Within a few minutes an ambulance arrives and they are forced to straighten my leg out to get me on the stretcher – I can’t begin to explain the pain I was in. This whole time the MBTA Bus Driver is hiding the bus in the back of the bus yard – then after parking the bus, and then moving it to another spot she proceeds to try and hid in the ladies locker room of the MBTA building.

After being rushed to hospital I was rushed in for surgery in an attempt to save my leg. I spent the first month after the accident in the hospital. I had two additional surgeries on my leg that first month. In total I ended up having 5 surgeries on my leg. I am very lucky to still have my leg. Thanks to the Orthopedic Doctors at the Boston Medical Center who did a tremendous job to save my leg. In addition to the severe injury to my leg I also suffered from a broken left wrist and fractured collarbone. For the next two years after the accident I worked my tail off to get to where I am today. And I still have work to do moving forward – including additional surgeries on my leg.

As a result of the accident I was forced to hire an attorney to represent me against this egregious act by the MBTA bus driver. The MBTA Police investigated the accident and subsequently charged the drive with 5 motor vehicle infractions. The driver was convicted of 4 of the 5 charges in court. She ultimately was terminated from her job. The courts refused to convict her of leaving the scene of an accident – we were told by the people at the court that the judge didn’t want to hang a felony charge on this lady due to the fact that she was a single Mother with a clean record. That doesn’t change the fact that the investigation is clear that she left the scene of the accident – she never STOPPED! She just drove away leaving me in the middle of Dorchester Avenue! The MBTA has video of this accident which shows what happened that day.

In May 2017 my lawyer and I attended a mediation hearing with the MBTA’s attorneys in an attempt to reach a settlement. While the MBTA accepted full responsibility and liability for the accident we could not reach a deal that day. For the next several months my attorney continued to try and reach a settlement with the MBTA. Finally in late December 2017 my layer informed me that we had reached an agreement to settle my case. I just had to wait for a final approval from MBTA –“this was just a formality”. In late January 2018 I was informed by my attorney that the MBTA  have suddenly refused to accept this agreement that their lawyers presented.

Needless to say this blew my (
insert expletive here) mind. How could we have an agreement with the MBTA attorneys only to have the MBTA higher ups refuse to acknowledge this agreement. Note only does this appear to be unethical but It is just plain wrong. The MBTA caused this accident, the MBTA admitted their culpability in this accident, the MBTA agreed to settle this case. Then they renege on it after agreeing to settle. At this point I guess we will be seeing them in court. Meanwhile my family and I continue to pay the cost for the MBTA’s mistakes and poor decisions.


When Justice Is Done, It Brings Joy To The Righteous
But Terror To Evildoers. ~ Proverbs 21:15

I-Team: Surveillance Video Shows MBTA Bus Collide
With Motorcyclist, Leave Scene Of Crash

Click Here For Redacted MBTA Police Report    

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